Do you have a project you can’t seem to get finished? A dream of becoming a writer, artist, or musician? Do you wonder how life might look if you went go after these goals?

Many people have unrealized ambitions involving the arts but need help getting started. Sometimes these dreams are so powerful that the frustration we feel from not achieving them can prevent us from embracing other parts of our lives! The prevailing advice for blocked creatives is, “Just sit down and do the work,” but that directive can be easier said that done. If you find yourself discouraged because you aren’t following through on your projects, creativity coaching might be worth a closer look.

What I’m Offering

Creativity coaching focuses on the motivational aspect of creative work and seeks to…

  • Inspire clarity about “blocks” that might exist respective to your work
  • Establish action plans so you can determine how creative work fits into your life
  • Affirm the importance of creative work in anyone’s experience, whether or not that work is “professional” in nature
  • Empower you to coach yourself through future blocks

What I’m Not Offering

  • A substitute for mental health care
  • Discipline-specific techniques (i.e. how to craft an oboe reed or prime a canvas)–if you are looking for help that is less about motivation and productivity and more about the technicalities of trumpet or writing, please visit my contact and pricing page.

Why Me?

There is substantial overlap between creativity coaching and collegiate trumpet instruction. Much of my work with college students has had to account for issues of motivation, practical problems such as homework and fatigue, or confusion about whether music is the right long-term fit. I’ve also had the benefit of juggling multiple creative pursuits in my own life and have learned a thing or two about getting work done. Creativity coaching brings the best of what I do as a trumpet instructor to those in other disciplines at a substantially discounted rate.


Sign up before August 31 to receive my introductory coaching package for a discounted rate of $105.* This package includes one 60-minute initial consultation via phone or webcam and three 30-minute follow-ups (email follow-ups may be substituted upon request).

Interested? Email me at (direct link to my contact page available here).

* Normal rate for this package is $175 (savings of 40 percent!)