Dr. Hendricks’s students have been emphatic in their endorsement of her work, referring to her in anonymous course evaluations as “unparalleled,” “pivotal” and “the kind of person and teacher I aspire to one day become.”*

Pedagogy is a central focus of Dr. Hendricks’s life and work, not a side facet of a career that is centered around performing. When Ball State University presented her with its Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016, she received the opportunity to create “Pedagogy of Private Instruction,” a course in which students received hands-on experience teaching private lessons along with feedback about their effectiveness. Students who took the class evaluated it as “essential for the rising educator,” and one participant praised it for “reinforc[ing] my desires to teach.” In addition to her own private lesson load, Dr. Hendricks’s current work includes adapting this course for individuals who are currently embarking on careers in private instruction and who would like support in the midst of that process. Additional projects include a comparative study of trumpet method books and a recently-published etude book for advanced players who are undergoing embouchure changes or studying soprano trumpets.

Dr. Hendricks’s experience comes from intensive study with some of the world’s leading pedagogues, including David Hickman, Barbara Butler, and Charles Geyer. She has also had the opportunity to learn from Wiff Rudd and Rich Stoelzel, both of whom have been gracious enough to allow her to visit their studios. Over the course of the previous decade she has spent countless hours working with all age and ability levels, including beginners; college music majors and graduate students; high school students applying for degrees in music; “problem” students struggling to fix major flaws in their playing; and “comeback” players. Her pedagogy is the result of continuous experimentation in her own practice sessions, crossed with the wisdom handed down by her teachers and the others whose work she has studied or observed.

For further information about Dr. Hendricks’s lesson and consulting rates, please visit the contact and pricing page on this site. Though her current work is geared largely towards young professionals who are seeking extra input during times of transition, non-collegiate students and/or their teachers may also wish to view the pedagogical information available through The Trumpet Pedagogy Project. (It is worth noting that this site, which has been more or less inactive during Dr. Hendricks’s pre-tenure process at Ball State, will see increased activity over the next several months as she transitions to Jonesboro, Arkansas.)


* Thanks, gang. Thanks also to whoever referred to me as “a boss a** b***h who don’t take s**t from no one,” because that was pretty entertaining to read.