Looking for a mask to wear while playing a brass instrument? Check out the video below to learn about my masks and how they work. Brass masks are $25 each with a 15% discount off your total if you order more than one.

Not a brass player? See below for information about more standard face coverings.

These masks fit securely around the face and are machine washable!

I am offering custom pleated masks with free standard shipping. These masks are durable, reusable and fully adjustable because they tie behind the head rather than utilizing elastic ear-bands.

  • Masks are made from a double layer of quilter’s cotton. Most of these fabrics have a thread count of 60. You can opt to add an additional layer of cotton or an inner flannel lining for a minimal upcharge.
  • NEW! Masks can be made with an interior pocket for no additional charge. This pocket can hold a paper towel or other moisture-trapping material.
  • NEW! Polyester/cotton pocket masks are now available. These masks are designed to better align with guidelines from the World Health Organization.
  • Masks are machine washable (cold water/gentle cycle; mesh bag recommended to prevent damage to the ties). They can also be thrown in the dryer without washing if you simply need to sterilize them.
  • Choose any fabric from the selections below while supplies last. Ties will come in a coordinating color.
  • These masks are suitable for personal use running errands, walking outside, etc. They are not a substitute for medical-grade PPE. Buyers should remember that cloth masks in general are designed to prevent the wearer from SPREADING illness and are less effective at preventing the wearer from CONTRACTING illness.
  • I am offering a discount of 40% on all standard masks if you provide your own fabric; please email for details if you are interested in this option.

* The mask fee covers my expenses for fabric, thread, shipping, and shipping supplies. It also provides me with nominal compensation for my time, since mask-making disrupts other work I have in progress. If you’d like to learn more about some of my other projects, please visit this link.

Two layers of cotton: still breathable enough for a walk!


  • Standard mask (two layers): $20
  • NEW! Standard pocket mask (two layers): $20
  • Triple-layer mask (all cotton): $22
  • Triple-layer mask (interior layer of flannel): $23
  • NEW! WHO double-layer pocket mask (exterior layer of polyester, interior layer of cotton, pocket provided for removable, non-woven interior layer such as a paper towel or polypropylene mask; interior layer not provided): $23
  • Optional 24-hour turnaround: $5 extra per mask (normal processing time is 2-3 days depending on demand)
  • 15% discount off your order total if shipping multiple masks to one location!

Please note that flannel is less breathable than cotton and is not recommended for outdoor exercise in hot climates. I live in Arkansas and wear my double-layer cotton mask at the park daily for an hour-long walk; I find that two layers are breathable but still stuffy. When I have made masks for family members, I include flannel only if the wearer is at high risk of exposure (i.e. essential workers who come into contact with dozens of people every day).

How to Order

To place an order, please email me at brittany.m.hendricks@gmail.com. In your message, list your top two fabric choices and your address. I will only ship domestically within the United States. Upon receipt of your email, I will write back to confirm your order and provide details for payment via PayPal.

Available Fabrics

Please see descriptions of colors and compare to photo at the bottom of this section if uncertain. I have attempted to accurately represent the colors but there may be some discrepancies between the photos and the actual fabric.

Don’t see a fabric you like? I have access to dozens of other options not shown here. Alternatively, I am willing to source what I don’t own on the condition that you reimburse the cost of the fabric and allow me to keep the scraps. I’ll even give you a modified (30%) supply-your-own-fabric discount!

From top to bottom: Fabrics J, L, I, H, G, F, E, D, K, C, A, and B