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Brittany Hendricks joined the faculty of Ball State University in the fall of 2013, as Assistant Professor of Trumpet. Although she is no longer able to take on regular private students outside of the university, Dr. Hendricks maintains a commitment to non-collegiate instruction through her website, The Trumpet Pedagogy Project. Eventually, her vision for outstanding pedagogy at the secondary level will assume more concrete form as her university students begin to teach on their own.

In the course of her career, Dr. Hendricks’s studio has included all age and ability levels: beginners, college music majors, high school students applying for degrees in performance, “problem” students struggling to fix major flaws in their playing, and “comeback” players, to name a few. Her pedagogy is the result of continuous experimentation in her own practice sessions, crossed with the wisdom handed down by her teachers, most notably Richard Giangiulio, Barbara Butler, Charles Geyer, David Hickman, and Eric Yates. She has also benefited indirectly from the teachings of Vincent Cichowicz, whose methodology is the subject of her doctoral research.

For additional information, or to host Dr. Hendricks as a clinician at your school, please send an email or call the Ball State University Trumpet Studio at 765-285-1887.

Additional Links:

Prospective college students or others wishing to learn more about the Ball State University Trumpet Studio should visit bsutrumpets.com.

Non-collegiate students and/or their teachers can find pedagogical information by visiting The Trumpet Pedagogy Project.

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