* If you’d like to read my official bio (a shortened version of which is also available on the home page),

Dr. Brittany Hendricks is a member of the faculty at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where she serves as Adjunct Instructor of Trumpet alongside Dr. Chris Wilson (Professor of Trumpet). Dr. Hendricks began her professional career as Assistant Professor of Trumpet at Ball State University, a position she won during the final month of her doctoral degree. While at Ball State, she became the only applied faculty member in School of Music history to receive the university’s Excellence in Teaching Award (2016), a campus-wide honor that required her to be nominated by her students. In April of 2017, Dr. Hendricks relocated to Arkansas join her husband (trombonist Bruce Faske), who is also on faculty at Arkansas State.

As a soloist and clinician, Dr. Hendricks has presented at numerous schools and conferences, most notably McGill University, Baylor University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Kentucky, Oklahoma State University, the International Women’s Brass Conference (2014 and 2017), the International Trombone Festival (2017), the College Band Directors National Association North Central Division Conference (2014), and the Indiana Music Educators Association Professional Development Conference (2015). She performs regularly as second trumpet of The Jackson Symphony (Jackson, TN) and as soprano cornet in the Diamond Brass Band (Jonesboro) and has been privileged to act in a substitute or extra role with the orchestras of Memphis and Ft. Wayne (IN). While in Indiana, Dr. Hendricks served as principal trumpet with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.

As a teacher, Dr. Hendricks’s primary interests include the pedagogy of private instruction and studio management; efficient embouchure function and correction; and the teachings of Vincent Cichowicz, whose methodology was the subject of her doctoral research. Her own teachers include Barbara Butler (B.M. Northwestern University, 2007), David Hickman (M.M. Arizona State University, 2009), Eric Yates (D.M.A. University of Alabama, 2013), Richard Giangiulio (primary study, 2000–2003), Charles Geyer (periodic study, 2003–2007), and Christopher Martin (intermittent study, 2005–2007). In her ongoing role as an independent performer, she has given particular attention to works that challenge the expressive boundaries of her instrument; contemporary compositions for soprano trumpets; and music by living composers.

* If you would prefer a less formal statement about my current life in Jonesboro,

Over the course of my life, I’ve lived in Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!), Muncie (IN), and now Jonesboro (AR). When I lived in Indiana, I used to tell people I had made an arrow. Because I had chosen music as my career, I accepted that I wasn’t going to have a lot of say in where I lived, and for a while, this worked out quite well. I love trees. I hate traffic. If my career was taking me to increasingly-smaller stomping grounds, I was on board.

But in the summer of 2017, I broke with everything I had established for myself professionally and made a move that had nothing to do with my career: I voluntarily resigned from what had been my dream job to join my trombonist husband in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Let me be clear about the fact that my husband in no way pressured me to make that decision, and I have never regretted it.

Thanks to the generosity and full schedule of Dr. Chris Wilson, the trumpet professor at Arkansas State University, as well as Dr. Marika Kyriakos, who arranged for my hire, I have since been able to join the A-State faculty in an adjunct role, helping out with the trumpet studio and teaching, as of fall 2018, High Brass Techniques. I’ve also been fortunate enough to pick up some freelancing opportunities in the surrounding region, and I’ve found many people to thank for making Jonesboro feel like home. (Special shoutout here to the group of faculty I hang with on weekends, and to the A-State trumpet students who have so faithfully signed up for lessons.)

I am grateful to everyone who has supported me through this transition and look forward to seeing what unfolds in the years to come!

* If you’re looking for information about the principles I adhere to as a teacher, you can find an overview at TrumpetPedagogyProject.com.

* If you are interested in private lessons or need to hire a trumpet soloist for a wedding or other event, you can view my rates by clicking this link.